Spielbox #7/2010

The final Spielbox of 2010 arrived today and includes a “Christmas Tree” expansion for Zooloretto. The bad news is that the instructions say this can only be played at Christmas so it looks like I’ve missed out for nearly 12 months; the good news, however, is that there is a note at the back of the issue that readers of the international version of the magazine are exempt from this restriction. Phew! (Actually, I’m unlikely to play it anyway, but you never know).

The bulk of this issue is devoted to a report about the Essen releases although there are also a few detailed reviews, including Asara, The Pillars of the Earth Card Game, K2, Thunderstone and Safranito. The Ted Alspach game, Perpetual Motion Machine (which is a neat little card game that I played and enjoyed with Bex before Christmas) also gets a thumbs-up in the At A Glance section.