Warfrog Treefrog

From the Warfrog website:

“Warfrog is going in a slightly different direction this year and will be releasing three limited first edition games. These will be part of the Treefrog Line.

1500 of each title will be printed. Each will be signed and numbered. The quality  of production will be up to usual Warfrog standards. However, all playing pieces will be wooden. There will be no cards, counters, or plastic pieces in any Treefrog Line game, (hence the label).

The first game will be Tinners’ Trail and should be out by the end of May 2008. Check here for more details about the game.

The next game will be set in ancient Mesopotamia. This will be for three players only and will be released in September/October 2008.

The final game will be a two player wargame on the battle of Waterloo. This should be released around January 2009.

After that Warfrog will repeat the pattern again, a multi-player game, a three player only game, and a two player wargame. This pattern will continue for five years at the very least.”