Games from Germany

It’s been a while since I ordered a batch of games from Germany. Following the demise of Adam Spielt, I’ve not found another online mail order to fill the gap. However, last week, I decided to take the plunge and put in an order with 12Spiel and the order arrived yesterday.

In terms of the service, it was pretty good: I got an email confirmation of my order as soon as I  placed it on Tuesday, stating that it would ship within 3-5 days; then an email to say the order had been sent on Friday; and the goods turned up yesterday, Tuesday so pretty quick although not quite as fast as Adam Spielt. The packing wasn’t as good as Adam Spielt (but then nobody could really match their box within a box and bubble filling). There was just some paper packing and not really enough to keep the contents steady in transit. That said, however, all the games arrived unharmed. So all in all, I’d use them again but may still try to see if there are any better alternatives. Recommendations from other people will be gratefully received.

Anyway, what did I get? Eight games in all, which will be added to my Trickylight database in the next couple of days: Metropolys (Ystari), Toledo (Kosmos), Keltis (Kosmos), Gangster (Amigo), Neuland (Eggert Spiele), Double or Nothing (Piatnik), Big Points (Schmidt) and Shanghaien (Abacus).