June 2013 roundup

In June, I managed to play 22 games of 17 different titles, 7 of which were new to me. The new games were Vineta, Wurfel Wurst, Jackal & High, Famous500, Augustus, Clubs, The Little Prince: Make Me a Planet, Terra Mystica and La Boca.

I added five new titles to the collection which were La Boca, Wurfel Wurst, Jackal & High, Clubs and The Little Prince: Make Me a Planet. I also sold 22 games during the month. My unplayed games list came down to 22 and game of the month was a tough choice between three (Terra Mystica, The Little Prince: Make Me a Planet and clubs). Although Terra Mystica is a fine game and others would certainly pick this, my choice is actually Clubs, a lovely climbing cardgame that works extremely well and will get played much more than TM.