Deutscher Spiele Preis

The winner of this year’s DSP has just been announced and the award went to ….. Dominion. Not a massive surprise and it was a pretty clear winner with the second placed game, Le Havre, only receiving 54% of the votes Dominion got. The top ten games were:

  • Dominion, by Donald X. Vaccarino (Hans im Glück) – 4735
  • Le Havre, by Uwe Rosenberg (Lookout Games) – 2559
  • Pandemic, by Matt Leacock (Pegasus Spiele) – 2504
  • Finca, by Ralf zur Linde and Wolfgang Sentker (Hans im Glück) – 1695
  • Small World, by Philippe Keyaerts (Days of Wonder) – 1155
  • Valdora, by Michael Schacht (Abacusspiele) – 1002
  • Diamonds Club, by Rüdiger Dorn (Ravensburger) – 911
  • Through the Ages, by Vlaada Chvatil (Pegasus Spiele) – 718
  • Sherwood Forest, by Nils Finkemeyer (eggertspiele) – 679
  • Fauna, by Friedemann Friese (Huch & friends) – 657

Congratulations again to the designer, developers and publishers – just the IGA to go now for a clean sweep.