Two highly anticipated games





Yesterday saw the UK release of two games I’ve had my eye on for some time. And, as Gameslore had them both on at a pretty good price, I took a diversion via Cold Hatton and picked them up on my way home.

Endeavor has been getting some very good early reports and is a game of world exploration and empire building. With a central board and five large individual player boards, this looks like it may struggle to fit on the normal game table. Looks like another fine addition to Z-Man’s line of games.

Ad Astra is a new game by Bruno Faidutti and Serge Laget and looks to be Settlers crossed with Citadels set in space. This one is also very nicely produced by Fantasy Flight but with a normal retail price of about £43, this is really pushing things in terms of what you get inside the box for your money.

Hopefully, we’ll play one or both of these on Friday.