Alea releasing new Knizia game

A new auction and building game called Palazzo by Reiner Knizia is going to be released by Alea sometime in 2005, but not before April. Reiner already has numerous auction games to his name (Ra, Modern Art and Amun Re to name a few) and it will be interesting to see what new twist he has come up with this time. The fact that Alea are publishing it suggests to me it is going to worth waiting for. Also, it is supposed to be for 2-4 players and there aren’t too many auction games that I can name that work with two players.

New Year New Blog

Welcome to 2005. Start of a new year and I’ve decided to try an experiment with blogging. Not sure yet how it’s going to tie up with my Trickylight site but here I expect to put more in the way of boardgaming news, especially that relevant to the UK, as well as games played at the Shrewsbury Games Club and with the family. One of my new year resolutions is to get more gaming played at home – whether this will work or not, I don’t know but we’ll do our best. The site is starting off pretty modest. I’ve got to get a links list sorted fairly soon and hopefully a bit of publicity to get things off the ground. Keep watching this space…