Shrewsbury Boardgames Club session reporting

In advance of my house move out of the area and the fact that, from July, my ability to host / attend the club is likely to be even more limited, I thought it was time to transfer how we record the games we play to BGG. This will allow anyone (not just me) to record the information about games played (scores, ratings etc.) and add comments about anything noteworthy from the session.

Therefore, I’ve set up a geeklist and added the games played since 1st June. Anyone who fancies adding comments to those games is very welcome to do so. And, of course, anyone can add sessions that I don’t attend. Here is the link to the geeklist.

I suggest you add it to your quickbar at the top of the BGG page because it will soon disappear down the list of recent geeklists.

What we will lose is the Hall of Fame standings but that can’t be helped, so bragging rights will become a thing of the past (Ha! I’ll believe that when I see it).

If anyone has any suggestions or improvements to this, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I didn’t want to make it difficult for people to add information so kept the layout simple but there’s no reason why it can’t be changed if anyone wants to suggest something.