Is it my move yet?

Those of you that subscribe or occasionally dip into this blog will know that I have been significantly trimming my collection over the last year and a bit. Although this was probably necessary anyway, due to the size my collection had reached, I did have an ulterior motive – which is a planned house move from Shrewsbury to somewhere closer to my work in Knutsford.

Well, that plan is a bit closer to fruition now as we’ve accepted an offer on our Shrewsbury home and have started the search for a new place in Cheshire. The strong likelihood is that I’ll no longer have a dedicated games room and the cull of my collection is going to gather pace over the next couple of months.

My current geeklist auction, which runs until Saturday night, has several recent gems such as Isaribi, Euphoria, Lords of Xidit and Russian Railroads, as well as a good number of older, forgotten gems such as Chicago Express, Phoenicia, Maharaja and Nottingham. The full list of games is as follows:

Russian Railroads
Chicago Express
Red November
Flaschenteufel (The Bottle Imp)
Lords of Xidit
Euphoria (Deluxe)
Top & Down
Level X
Knock Out
Die Erbraffer
Zum Kuckuck (Turn the Tide)
An den Ufern des Nils
Il Principe
Montego Bay
Einauge sei wachsam
Smash up
Smash Up: Pretty Pretty Smash Up
Schnappchen Jagd (Bargain Hunter)
San Francisco
The Broadway Game