Start of my 2016 challenge

Having challenged myself in 2015 to reduce my collection by 365 games, which was about a third of my total collection and succeeded in selling over 400, this year I’m going to see if I can get my collection down to below 400 games, which means again selling about a third of the games I own – as of 12th March, my BGG profile shows that I own 625 games.

So my first 2016 Geeklist auction is now live and runs up until Thursday 17th March. Sorry but this is strictly UK and Europe shipping only. The twenty games included this time are:

1960: The Making of the President
Big City
La Isla
Mottainai Deluxe
The Resistance
Tiny Epic Defenders
Tiny Epic Kingdoms
Schoko & Co
Candamir: The First settlers
Football Strategy
Baseball Strategy
Saint Petersburg
Those Pesky Garden Gnomes

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