It’s a Scandal!

Having declared Nige the 2013 Hall of Fame winner last night, on the back of some hasty calculations, it seems I either can’t read or I can’t use a calculator correctly. After writing up the reports and scores from the games played last night, the site has done the calculation correctly and declared that this year’s Hall of Fame has ended up a tie with both Nige and Guy ending up on 37.5%. I had entered Guy as having played 89 games for the year rather than 88.

Looking at the club rules on the tie-break procedure, I have found … we don’t have a tie-break procedure (probably because we don’t have any club rules). Therefore, I declare that for the first time in our history, we have joint winners of the Hall of Fame and congratulations should go to both Nige and Guy.

Right, let the howls of indignation begin 😉