November 2013 roundup

November saw me play just 12 games of 10 different titles, 4 of which were new to me. The small number of games played was due to half the month being spent in the Caribbean where, remarkably, I played no games at all (other than a few games of the excellent Street Soccer ipad app. The new games were Relic Runners, Arche Noah, Russian Railroads and 1911: Amundsen vs Scott.

I added twelve new titles to the collection which were Auf Teufel komm raus, Arche Noah, Nauticus, Russian Railroads, Piraten Kapern, Flash 10, Steam Noir: Revolution, Homesteaders, Trains and Stations, Prosperity, Concordia and Legendary: Fantastic Four. My unplayed games list has unsurprisingly grown to 42 this month and game of the month was a fairly easy call with Russian Railroads being the pick. We wondered whether there might be one dominant strategy but reading around Boardgamegeek, this doesn’t appear to be the case.