A La Carte Preis 2012

The German magazine, FairPlay, has just announced the winner of the 2012 German card game of the year. The winner by a large margin – it scored twice as many points as the second placed game – was Targi by Andreas Steiger and published by Kosmos. The full list was as follows:

Targi by Andreas Steiger: Kosmos 
Glory to Rome by Carl Chudyk: Lookout Games 
Rapa Nui by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede: Kosmos 
The City by Tom Lehmann: Amigo 
Friday by Friedemann Friese: 2F-Spiele 
Die Tore der Welt – Das Kartenspiel by Walter Schranz: Kosmos 
Drecksau by Frank Bebenroth: Kosmos 
Mogel Motte by Emely und Lukas Brand: Drei Magier 
Kleine Fotosafari by Tanja Triminek: Abacusspiele 
Bullenparty by Wolfgang Kramer: Amigo