Less than 3 days to grab a great game on Ebay

My latest batch of Ebay games has less than three days to run and there are lots of good games up for grabs. One of the highlights is an unplayed copy Mystery of the Abbey complete with Pilgrims Chronicle expansion. Another has to be Wolfgang Kramer’s classic Tikal and Tikal II, while Reiner Knizia is not to be outdone as the original Kosmos edition of Durch die Wuste (Through the Desert) and the clever astract Fish Eat Fish can also be yours for a very modest bid.

Lovers of cool bits will find much to admire in Utopia and Giganten, while those with more refined tastes can sample tea in Darjeeling, coffee in Guatemala Cafe or the opera in … err… Opera. Those explorers among you will get a kick out of Klaus Teuber’s brilliant Entdecker (the original Goldsieber version) or developing Leo Colovini’s Islas Canarias. Those looking for three player games can’t go far wrong than look at one of the best three player conflict games, Das Ende des Triumvirats, while two player abstract fans can build bridges in Ponte del Diavolo.

Semi-cooperative game fans really ought to look at Mousquetaires du Roy (All for one and one for all – except one who’s trying to thwart them) while ancient history buffs should be satisfied by Magna Grecia, Municipium (Reiner again) and Klaus Jurgen Wrede’s excellent Mesopotamia.

Basically, there’s something for everyone. Advert over. Go look at my Ebay page here.