Essen 2011: Poseidon’s Kingdom

The good news is that Fragor Games have released details of the Lamont Brothers’ new game: Poseidon’s Kingdom. The bad news is that the limited run of 1,000 games is already sold out on pre-order after 11 days. There may be a few available for sale at Essen, depending on how many actually are delivered by the printers (their margins of error are +/-10% and Fragor stopped taking pre-orders at 900). However, unless you got in early, you’re likely to be disappointed. Here’s a description of the game:

Poseidon has lost his treasured trident. Your friends have disappeared while trying to find it. It turns out they have been captured by evil Hans the Kraken. Suckers ! The Kraken plans to make a nice stew out of them. Can you prise open his tentacles, release your friends and defeat him ? You had better hope so. Oh, its probably not a good time to mention the shark …

Now, the game has a number of interesting features but, to be fair to those that won’t be seeing a copy of the game, I’ve added an alternative description:

1. A wave which crashes dice onto the board, or a cheap cardboard gimic that adds nothing to the game
2. Pieces (or THE FANTASTIC ANIMAL CREATURES ARE BACK !), although none of them are animals and sea creatures can’t be cute
3. Engaging gameplay for both gamers and non-gamers or a design that tries to cater for both but satisfies neither.
4. Possibly some of the worst “fishy” puns imaginable (we put them in for the halibut), or possibly some of the worst “fishy” puns imaginable (we put them in for the halibut).

So, I hope that makes everyone feel better.