Die Burgen von Burgund

The latest Alea release arrived at Shire Games today so I took a diversion on the way home and picked up a copy. This is another Stefan Feld design that uses dice in an interesting way. Players are trying to develop their estates through trading, livestock farming, city building or scientific research. Players have two dice that they allocate to their choice of actions, the four choices being taking tiles from the gameboard into their storehouse, moving tiles from the storehouse to their estate, selling goods, or taking worker tiles to help manipulate the dice rolls in future. The game looks like an interesting game of forward planning and optimising choices based on the dice you roll.

This is number 14 in the large Alea box series and comes with German, French and English rules, so no need to wait for a Rio Grande version.

I also picked up a copy of A La Carte, as I’ve been meaning to get a copy for ages, and it was just sitting there next to Die Burgen von Burgund. Me…impulsive?

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