Trip to Hanley

Had to go to Hanley today to satisfy Jan and the girls’ retail therapy cravings, so took the opportunity to pop into Shire Games, as you would expect. Finally decided to take the plunge and buy a copy of  The Adventurers while I was there, a fun Indiana Jones style game that I played at Essen in 2009. It takes up to six players, which is good news for when the games club has that awkward number.

Nick also gave me two bits of news. Firstly, The Cast Are Dice games convention looks to be returning in 2011. He’s found a venue close to Stoke station and is anticipating it will be held the second or third weekend in August. Hope it doesn’t clash with when I’m on holiday like the previous events have done. And secondly, he is likely to have a pleasant surprise for fans of the Saboteur card game arriving in the shop early next week.

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