Spielbox – Volume 30 Issue #1

The new English language edition of Spielbox arrived today and it looks terrific. Even the adverts are translated. Now it is still not perfect English as would be written by a native but it is close enough and a fantastic effort given the amount of content that has been adapted. I am so grateful that the editorial team have done this, even though I did manage to struggle my way through the German previously. I encourage everyone to at least try it and subscribe if, like me, you think it is well worth supporting a professionally produced magazine on our hobby.

Its 64 pages is packed with interviews on the likes of Endeavor, Vasco de Gama, Atlantis and Last Train to Wensleydale but also has a great article on Amigo’s 30th anniversary, a free space themed race game from Christof Tisch as well as a Dominion play-aid.