Unplayed games – Down to 85

With only four months to go in my quest to get my unplayed list below 20, that target is looking more and more unlikely and was not helped by another five acquisitions in February. Managed to get three of the many little card games crossed off during my Lanzarote holiday but we still need to concentrate on getting the titles played or sold. Look out for some possible Ebay listings in the near future:

5 new games acquired (The World Cup Card Game 2010, Macao, Pillars of the Earth: Builders Duel, Jaipur and Tintenherz: Das Wurfelspiel);

8 games no longer unplayed (The World Cup Card Game 2010, Traders of Carthage, Power Grid: Factory Manager, Macao, Fzzzt, Im Auftrag des Konigs, Im Bann der Pyramide and Alcazar);

0 games sold.

This month’s target is the same as the last two months’ i.e. to get at least below 75 this time next month.