2010 roundup

2010 saw me play 208 games of 157 different titles (coincidentally, the same number of different titles played in 2009, although the total plays is down a bit compared with 229 in 2009).

My most played game was Pig 10 which saw 7 plays. By any stretch of the imagination, this is not one of the stand-out games of 2010 but it is short and fun and both Cat and Bex became keen on it. My only other games that saw 5 or more plays were two party games – Say Anything (6) and Telestrations (5) - and Dominion (5) although some of these were probably a mix of base game and expansion cards. Of the 157 titles, 122 of them were played just once but this is due to my focus during the year in getting my unplayed games list down to more manageable levels. It started 2010 at 89, dropped to below 20 before Essen and is now at 29. A number of these should disappear early in the New Year so I’d like to get and keep below 20 if at all possible.

2010 seemed to produce several really good games. My six picks for the year were a mix of good gamers’ games (Hansa Teutonica and Macao), one excellent two-player game (Jaipur), one party game (Telestrations) a great social deduction game (The Resistance) and the simply fabulous 7 Wonders. I would really have liked to include Egizia as well but that would have made seven picks and I don’t like to cheat in these things.