Kickstarter Euphoria

I don’t back very much on Kickstarter as I’m not really interested in the “special extras” offered to Kickstarter backers. I did back Escape: Curse of the Temple which I was reasonably pleased with when it eventually turned up but part of that order (The Adventurer pack) is still to be delivered even though it was originally due in September 2012, I think. I am also awaiting Dungeon Roll, which I ordered on a whim, and this is due for delivery in August.

However, I have just backed Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia, perhaps again lured by the hype, but this one does look interesting and, importantly, doesn’t shove an extra $15-$20 on for delivery to Europe, which I find pushes most of the campaigns beyond my view of reasonable value (such as the Snowdonia reprint). Anyway, this one is promised before Christmas and the campaign has slightly exceeded its $15,000 target (currently $198,000 pledged with four days still to go). You can see more info here on the Kickstarter page.