Latest game order from Adam Spielt

Blue Moon City Mykerinos Thurn und Taxis

Just got through my latest order from Germany and am itching to play them. (Actually, played Blue Moon City and Thurn und Taxis last night and they’re really good – session report soon.)

So what did I get? Michael Schacht’s California, Karen & Andreas Seyfarth’s Thurn und Taxis, a Kosmos smuggling game called Hart an der Grenze, Reiner Knizia’s Blue Moon City and Great Wall of China, Leo Colivini’s Mauer Bauer, Stefan Dorra’s Seerauber, Tom Lehman’s Jericho, Uwe Rosenberg’s Bohnkick and Nottingham, and the new Ystari game Mykerinos.

That should keep us going for a while.