SR: 22nd September 2006 – Finstere Flure, Phantoms of the Ice

Finstere Flure

We started off this week with a game of Finstere Flure (Fearsome Floors). In the past, this has been a game where the monster has caused quite a bit of havoc and that is what has generated most of the fun. On this occasion, he wandered around aimlessly and although he messed with a few of the adventurers, these were back markers. Meantime, everyone was racing for the exit to try and get their guys through before the monster got diverted through a wall to appear by the exit. However, it never happened: maybe everyone felt they were in with a good shout of getting there first but the monster never went through a wall at all. I managed to set myself up for the win while simultaneously blocking Phil from doing the same and it ended up being very much an anti-climax. A bit disappointing really apart from me claiming the win and ending Steve’s winning streak (after he won all 3 games a fortnight ago). 

Phantoms of the Ice

We then moved onto an old favourite. Phantoms of the Ice is a game I’ve played a lot and it is always terrific fun. Steve and Phil hadn’t played before but it’s so easy to pick up and we were soon constructing our unstoppable teams. Well, some of us were creating unstoppable teams: I seemed to trade bad for worse and John must have been doing the same, as he never challenged anyone to a match the entire game. The nice thing about the game is that the strong teams don’t stay strong for long as everyone wants to trade their dross for your superstars. Phil started with a dismal team and lost three quick matches but then managed to get a decent team and grab 3 wins later on. Mark K and Nige ended up in the final with Nige’s team looking the stronger on paper. Luck was with Mark though as he scraped a draw in regulation time and took the title in the sudden-death play-off.