BGG Session reports

I was just looking at my Boardgamegeek profile and noticed that it is 12 months since I last posted a session report for the Shrewsbury Boardgames Club to the Geek. Although posting to BGG is a bit more work every week, I’m not naive enough to think that people flock to this site and so it would just be wasted effort. Lots more people would see the reports if I cross-posted but I wonder if that would make traffic to my two sites dry up, as people would just pick up the reports from BGG.

Then again, with the server problems Aldie’s been having lately, maybe I should be offering to host a few more reports here to cut down the traffic over there :-)

What do you think? Should I bring the club’s session reports up-to-date on the Geek? We do play a fair few of the more recent German releases before many of the American game groups. Then again, maybe my abbreviated game descriptions don’t really compare very well with some of the detailed analysis you can get elsewhere.