July 2016 roundup

In July, I only managed to play 13 games of 12 different titles, 5 of which were new to me. The new games were:

Molkky – Fantastic outdoor dexterity game that I’m amazed I’ve not discovered until now (thanks Messrs. Boydell and Bateson). Our lawn is a bit spongey meaning the pins were prone to falling over by themselves. However, this is a great way to spend a summer evening after a barbecue.
Broom Service: The Card Game – Stripped down to the bare bones of playing a card in either cowardly or brave orientation to collect sets of the same type of card with bonuses for the number of times you are brave and for collecting certain combinations. I thought this played ok but it doesn’t have quite the same appeal as the board game.
FUSE – Ten minute real-time game of rolling dice to get the right combinations to defuse bomb cards. Pretty challenging as a solo game (not tried multi-player yet) and was good fun.
Shakespeare – Very good game of recruiting actors, building stage sets and designing costumes to gain the most points. We played with the Backstage expansion which adds another layer for how you use your workers.
Tatsu – Interesting two player abstract that is a bit reminiscent of Backgammon but, rather than getting all your pieces off the board, you’re trying to either keep your opponents pieces from entering the board or eliminating one set of the three types of pieces. Having played once, keen to play again.

I sold 23 games and added 3 new games to the collection: Fuse, Tatsu and Mystic Vale. My total collection stands at 529.

I have just one unplayed game in my collection and my Game of the Month is Molkky.