Wayback When February ’93, ’98, ’03, ’08

As I mentioned last month, February 1993 saw my first visit to the Nottingham & Derby Boardgames Club and there were two games played at that first session that really opened my eyes and got me into boardgaming. Those two games were Liar’s Dice and Acquire. So, what were the stand-out games from February 2008, 2003, 1998 and 1993:

2008: Pandemic got its first play this month. This brilliant co-operative game about ridding the world of four virulent diseases before they get out of control remains as good today as it did in 2008 – and there’s a new version out this year. Owner’s Choice is the only other game that struck me as fairly innovative this month, a game where you can really be nasty to other players.

2003: Not much this month although Klaus Jurgen Wrede’s Krone & Schwert was an interesting departure from Carcassonne, although I sold the game some years ago.


1998: Fifteen years ago, Banque Fatale was a nice light betting game by Stefan Dorra and Katzenjammer Blues was one of Reiner Knizia’s great little card games that he released at that time. Not played it for years but I’m sure it still holds up well today.


1993: As well as Liar’s Dice and Acquire, my first month at the games club also introduced me to the original Airlines and the classic race game Speed Circuit.