Counter #50

The 50th issue of Counter magazine arrived yesterday with a glossy full colour cover to celebrate the fact. I just wanted to congratulate Stuart, Alan and Mike for reaching this milestone and giving me endless entertainment with the great writing that goes into every issue. Thanks also to the various contributors over the years for making an indispensable quality gaming publication. I still remember receiving the first issue way back in May 1998, when there was little else to read on the international gaming scene – even BGG was not yet born. Great stuff guys.

This issue includes the IGA General Strategy Nominations (Multi-player and two-player); a report on Origins; a celebration of Leisure Games silver jubilee; a preview of Martin Wallace’s London; reviews of 11 Nimmt, Age of Industry, Egizia, Fresco, Glen More and Workshop of the World among others; and the usual letters and general gaming articles.