Unplayed games – Down to 68

This month was going pretty well until I ordered a batch of games from Germany, hence only two off the net total:

9 new games acquired (Egizia, Die Speicherstadt, Bananagrams, Keltis: Das Orakel, Seeland, Level X, Glen More, Drachenherz and 11 Nimmt);

1 previously played game acquired (Peloponnes + Expansion)

9 games no longer unplayed (Bloody Legacy, Riffifi, Zahltag, Egizia, Netzwerk, Wordwild, Level X, Glen More and 11 Nimmt);

2 games sold (Alexandros and Zwickern).

Well, June is the final month of my quest so you’ll get one more report, following which I’ll still be trying to knock the unplayed games total down but won’t be providing regular updates. I wonder how close to 50 unplayed games I can get by the end of the month.