Spielbox 2/2009 and Dominion (German) card offer

The latest edition of Spielbox turned up today. This included a set of Black Market cards for Dominion (with German text for obvious reasons). As I already have the English version, I’m happy to send these to the first UK person to contact me via the comments section below. (Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t appear straight away. My spam filter asks for my approval before publishing anything – can’t be too careful as I’m up to 500,00 spam comments received on this blog offering viagara and other unsavoury services).

This edition also featured reviews of Valdora, Wind River, Planet Steam, Senji, Steel Driver, Comuni and Fits. The last had mixed ratings but seems to have been widely played at Alan Moon’s Gathering of Friends and fairly well rated by some of the people I know from Essen (Valerie and others). I may have to investigate this further.

The issue also has fairly extensive coverage of the Nurnberg trade show and a feature on the latest electronic gaming gimmick trying to integrate a console with traditional board games.It’s called YVIO, produced by PublicSolution, for anyone interested in exploring further – I’m not!