UK Games Expo – 5th to 7th June 2009




Richard Denning has just sent me the latest info on this year’s event:

Book your Tickets for Expo 2009

We are happy to announce our booking system is now up with details of all our tournaments and RPG sessions so BOOK NOW!. Go to

This year we have 80+ demo/participation games of all types. There are dozens of RPG sessions across all 3 days being arranged as well as 300 seats in miniatures, board game and card tournaments and of course the most diverse range of games exhibitors in a UK convention. Board games, role-playing, cards and miniatures: you can see them all.

If you fancy more time playing games at Expo this year then make sure you get the extended weekend ticket to enjoy all three days. The ticket grants you admission from noon on Friday 5th June to the RPG sessions and open gaming areas at the Strathallan Hotel.

Chaotic Launch Tournament

Win Awesome Prizes in the Chaotic UK National Launch Championship!

The Chaotic National Launch Championship will be held on 7 June at UK Games Expo. This is the first-ever major UK tournament for Chaotic, and the winner will have bragging rights as the first national champion ever!

But wait, it gets better! The winner gets a free trip to Gen Con Indy in the US (13-16 August; prize includes airfare, hotel, and 4-day Gen Con pass), including entry into all Chaotic events at Gen Con! The runner up takes home a Nintendo Wii. Four top finishers each score two displays of Chaotic boosters, and some of them will qualify for the Chaotic world championship later this year.

Win a Nintendo Wii in the Huntik Regional Championship at Expo

Fancy walking a way with a Nintendo Wii or an iPod and other prizes. Get yourself to the UDE stand Saturday morning 6th June at UK Games Expo and register for the Huntik Championship to be held that same day.

Entrants MUST bring their own Huntik Cards to enter and must have played and understood the the game in advance.

Bigger and Better for Wargamers

This year we are excited to welcome more wargames traders than ever including some of those developing exciting new ranges of metal and plastic figures.

New Board Games releases and prototypes

Be the first to grab a copy of Sumeria from Reiver Games or Automobile from Treefrog as well as other new games. Try out exciting new games in development.

Roleplaying at UK Games Expo

There are RPG events on 3 days this year which will run from noon on Friday 5th June.

These sessions will include Pathfinder and Living Forgotten Realms, Call of Cthuluhu, New 4e Eberron run by Keith Baker, games from Triple Ace Games, Cubicle 7 and Men in Black, Team 8 and many others.

There will be a special Dungeon Delve as well.

The extended weekend ticket gives you access to all of this.

Read about our Exhibitors

The web site now lists the 80+ exhibitors planning to attend Expo this year with the list growing all the time as bookings come in.

Calling All GMs!

We need GM’s to help run three days of Role-playing. Fancy running some RPG for us and your fellow gamers this year? Email: Tony Hyams at