Trip to Shire Games

Nipped into Shire Games on Saturday as I was collecting Catherine from Keele for the Easter break and had also agreed to pick up a copy of Diamonds Club for Nige. Naturally, I had a good look around and three new games found their way into my collection this time.

First up was Small World, a revamped version of Philippe Keyaerts’ Vinci, which looks really nice – hardly surprising as it is published by Days of Wonder. Hopefully, we’ll get to play this on Good Friday. The second game was Finito, another in Schmidt Spiele’s excellent Easy Play line. This is another multi-player puzzle game in the same vein as Take It Easy and High Score (Wurfel Bingo) that takes about 20 minutes so is ideally suited to finish off an evening. The third was Islas Canarias by Leo Colovini, whose games are usually quite mind-burning although this looks to be on the lighter side. Another game that plays with up to five people so could get its first appearance on Friday.