Spielbox 3/2008

Got home tonight to find the latest issue of Spielbox waiting for me. The most interesting inclusion is the farmer sheet, an accessory for Agricola. It contains 70 stickers to put on the round person pieces. 35 stickers show an adult for the front side of the pieces, the other 35 the corresponding juniors for the rear side (and one or two of the comparisons between junior and adult characters are a little curious). I just need the game itself to turn up now – hopefully, sometime this month.

The issue also celebrates the 60th anniversary of Scrabble, with what looks like an ultra-modern version set to be released. Spiel-des-Jahres contender, Wie Verhext! also gets reviewed with several high ratings from the reviewing panel. The other game that seems to get good ratings is Hanging Gardens, published by Hans im Gluck, which I’ve passed on so far as it looked like a very dry pattern recognition type game – maybe I need to look at this a bit more.