The One Hundred

Over the last couple of weeks, Mark Jackson and Stephen Glenn have been counting down The Official & Completely Authoritative 100 Best Games of All Time Ever Without Question. This has been compiled from the top 15 games of some 65 dedicated gamers. The results are very interesting and are a pretty good approximation of the best games around. I might argue with the order and some of the games aren’t really to my taste but it’s been fun trying to work out what the highest placed games might be. I’m not surprised by most of the top ten although Tichu is higher than I would have expected. There are obviously more people who love this game than I expected (and 4 people voted it as their Number 1 pick). In the latest post, Mark questions How Big A Geek R U? I guess I have to admit to being pretty geeky as my score turns out to be 162 (made up of 87 of the 100 played and 75 owned). Nige rang this evening to ask about Tichu so we’ll have to play it sometime soon. Maybe we ought to have a night solely on card games as there are quite a number we’ve not played at the Shrewsbury Games Club before, Schnappchen Jagd, Wizard and Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde to name but a few.