Essen trip booked

Well, I’ve booked this year’s trip to Essen. As in previous years, I’m flying out from Birmingham on the Thursday, stopping overnight at the Ypsilon where I stayed last year, and returning on the Friday evening. This gives me a full two days at the show before the weekend rush. And the bonus is the flights are much cheaper this year – £85 return on B.A. Anyone else planning on going?

More Content Soon…

This site has been deathly quiet for ages. The principal reason has been the work I have been doing on my other site, Trickylight, I decided at the beginning of the year that I wanted to revamp the site but didn’t really get going until the beginning of May. Since then, I’ve been learning quite a bit about how to put together a database driven site, php and Mysql, but the most time consuming bit has been transferring all the old stuff into the database. Four year’s worth of session reports and scores, together with the basic game entries and pictures has taken a while. However, if all goes to plan, this task should be finished this week. Then, I can get back to posting my general game-related news here with the game club stuff on the other site. Please keep watching.

Fairy Tale

Patrick Korner is one among others who has been raving about this card game from Japanese company, Yuhodo. Well, I hate to admit I missed this one at Essen but spurred on by the comments, I took a look at the Yuhodo website and decided that it was worth the £13 to order a copy direct. And, lo and behold, 10 days later the game has arrived. First time I’ve ordered from Japan but everything seems to have worked very smoothly – well done Yuhodo. The cards are very nicely illustrated and the rules don’t seem too tricky. Iain has coincidentally mentioned the game on his site today here and suggests the icons take some getting used to. I’ll reserve judgment and let you know once I’ve tried the game.