Coming soon: Ticket to Ride – The Card Game

One of the games I’ve been looking forward to this year is nearly upon us. The Days of Wonder website states that TTR – The Card Game will ship during week commencing 21 April 2008. With a 15 Euro price tag on the DoW website, it will probably retail at £12 – £14.

The info page for the game is here and the rules are here.

The rules look interesting: The game retains the flavour of the boardgame but adds a bit of a memory element and the chance to attack other players’ cards held in their railyard.

UK Games Expo



I got a message last night from Richard Denning on preparations for this year’s UK Games Expo. Richard says:

UK Games Expo is now less than 2 months away and plans are well advanced. It is our goal to create a mini Essen type show here in the UK and to encourage British companies to exhibit and also release games at it and eventually to attract over seas companies along. We also aim to attract RPG companies, minaitures and other exhibitors and make the whole event fun, attractive to gamers as well as the public and hopefully something folk look ahead to.

At Expo this year we host a Grand Board Game Tournament including rounds of Imperial, Powergrid, Phoenicia, St Petersburg, Container, Acquire, On the Under ground, Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne. This last one is a UK Championship with the winner going onto Essen to play in the world championship ane Expo will pay for their flight. the overall Grand boardgame tournament winner can win £100 to spend on the JKLM stand. Games Signed by Reiner Knizia are also prizes.
New Games this year include:
Monastery from Ragnar Brothers.
Athene from JKLM
Huang Di from JKLM
Confucius from Surprised Stare
Ice Flow from Ludorum
and a new game from Warfrog.
Hot news is that US Board Game company Wattsalpoag are attending and exhibiting games.
Friday and Saturday Nights there is free gaming rooms in the Strathallan – this year we have taken their big room which had a wedding in last year so I hope lots of gamers want to come over and play the new games. If you are looking to stay the night I am advised that the hotel has only a few rooms left. However nearby hotels have rooms still. See our page on hotels:
Hope this is of interest.